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Margaret Marie Green Memorial Scholarship 

Contest Winners


It is with great honor to announce the recipient of the inaugural Margaret M. Green Scholarship. Upon the initial commencing of this scholarship, it was are sole motive to empower the leaders of tomorrow, today to assist in their paths of success. After receiving 100+ entries from aspiring contestants from across the US to include two from outside the US, it was truly an empowering and motivating experience for us to execute this initiative. Due to ramped pandemic it was deemed suitable to announce the winners via social media platforms to adhere guidelines set by the CDC. Congratulations to 


Miss Caroline Goldenberg  who is attending the University of Southern California  pursuing a degree in Theatre. (pictured on left)


Mr. Jaedon Arnasalam who is attending Howard University to pursue a degree in Political Science. (pictured on right)


Thank you again to all of those who did apply it was truly a tough decision, I along with judges had to make. We hope to continue this initiative annually to adhere to our mission of building leaders of tomorrow, today! Thank you for the continued support of Fourth Quarter Productions and know that the best is yet to come.

-Langston Logan

We thank you so much for your interest in The Margaret Marie Green Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship was created in order to be a blessing in the lives of leaders of tomorrow, today as they prepare to impact our communities and world.  Margaret Green is the late grandmother of our owner, Langston Logan. Although in her later years Margaret was unable to verbally communicate due to a fervent battle with throat cancer, she used her kind acts of love and support to speak volumes in the lives of all who came in contact with her. Her affectionate smile, willingness to serve her community, and amazing demeanor resonated with all who knew, adored, and enjoyed being around her. A woman who loved not only her family, but a sold out believer in Christ, Margaret used her acts of service, support, and love to bring joy to others. Having that profound effect, and being a strong woman of honor inspired Langston to be a man after her heart. This same inspiration drove Langston assisted by Davon Pollard (An initial founder of Fourth Quarter Productions) to initiate this scholarship that will seek to help two initiative scholars planning to further advance their education. We are honored to present to you the inaugural Margret M. Green Memorial Scholarship.  

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